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Forbidden Fruit is an indica-dominant strain bound to intoxicate the senses through a relaxing and euphoric high. It is accompanied by its fruity and mysterious flavor consisting of notes of deep, earthy, nuttiness and citrus-like tanginess.

Not widely known in the world of cannabis, Forbidden Fruit – sometimes referred to as Le Fruit Defendu – may just be one of the world’s best kept (and most flavorful) secrets.

Probably the most notorious trait that Forbidden Fruit is accredited with is being extremely high yielding, offering those with a business-savvy perspective to also take a liking towards this potentially money-making crop.

. And as the name says it is forbidden. There are plenty of ways to get your hands on this mouth-watering cannabis. In the end, you might even have trouble letting it go…

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this wonderful flower in our complete 

More About Forbidden Fruit

Le Fruit Defendu is the genetic crossing of two parent strains; Cherry Pie hybrid and Tangie sativa.

All around Forbidden Fruit is a gorgeous strain; with a delectable flavor profile, pleasant aroma, beautiful physical appearance, and brilliant mind/body effects.

The immediate scent of this strain once you crack open the bag or jar is pleasantly overwhelming and so it fills up the space with notes of floral and fruity drifts. The scent lures you in, encouraging you to give it a taste. From the first light, you’ll fall in love with the flavor.

According to Pacific Seedbank, which sells feminized marijuana seeds developed by Advanced Genetics, this strain sprouts into a medium-sized plant with dense buds that emit an earthy and fruity aroma.



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